Blue and Tan Puppy Dog sought in Scotland

We have been approached by a reader who has  lost her own Border Terrier in unfortunate circumstances and has asked our help with her appeal. Here is her letter with name and address witheld at her request

Good afternoon,
We recently lost our boy who was a 7 year old blue and tan to complications arising from surgery for a gallbladder mucocele which was traumatic and devastating. Very recently we have been discussing the possibility of loving a new pup again and wondered if you had any recommendations for trusted breeders in Scotland. We would ideally like to have a male blue and tan dog if possible.
Also I noted that your site made mention of the gallbladder mucocele being a concern for this wonderful breed and if required we could provide details of out experience of this would assist. 
Thank you for your assistance

If any Scottish breeders can assist can you please you our contact form to get in touch.