Judging for the Scottish Border Terrier Club

Each year a new Judges List is drawn up by the Club. This is a requirement of the Kennel Club and the Lists are widely distributed to Canine Societies in the expectation that, when selecting judges for our breed, they will give due consideration to those who have met our criteria and receive Club support. Only those on our Judges List are eligible to judge at our Club shows.

Having taken into account the requirements of Kennel Club policy, the increased expectations of exhibitors that judges have knowledge and competence when carrying out their judging appointments and the objectives of the Club, we are pleased that the seven Breed Clubs have common criteria, so an equal minimum standard is applied across the breed. It remains the responsibility of individuals,however, to ensure that their CVs are submitted, and are kept up to date, in order that due consideration may be given to their application for inclusion on a List. Such inclusion in a previous year is not necessarily a guarantee that inclusion is automatic for future Lists.

The criteria will be implemented for compilation of the lists for 2017. Those who aspire to the B List are advised that some extra requirements have been added but the implementation date has been delayed to allow time for applicants to meet all the criteria. Those who are presently on a B List will require to have met the minimum criteria prior to inclusion on a B List.

The Scottish Border Terrier Club also has a Questionaire which we ask all aspirant judges to complete.

The Scottish Border Terrier Club exists to promote and protect our breed, see our constitution and code of ethics. The club runs 3 conformation shows per year and a member's rally event. We hold our AGM in January, usually immediately after our Limited Show. All the events are very friendly and new owners & members are encouraged to come along and be part of them. Pictures and details of our most recent events can be found on our Events page.

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